How To Write Funnel Copy That Sells

How To Write Funnel Copy That Sells

The #1 goal of any funnel is to convert. And a huge part of conversion is capturing the attention of the visitor. When you have a few seconds in which to do it, copywriting is one of the single most important components to make a funnel convert.

One of the worst thing you can do when building a funnel is to add words and paragraphs as they come to you and leave it at that.

I know we’re all guilty of it at times. I certainly am.

But what if I were to tell you that there are easy formulas that anyone can follow. Of course these formula don’t magically make a funnel convert all of a sudden. But they have a method and follow a structure.

The formula includes different principles of human psychology designed to evoke an on-the-spot response and encourage a prospective customer to take action. 

The reason it works is because human beings make decisions based on emotion. This is where elite copywriters are able to persuade customers in an ethical way to take the desired action. And that is exactly what I am about to show you right now. 

Without knowing how to write effective copy it will be extremely difficult to make sales online! It’s a skill that if you can master can make you sales forever.

Hint: There is one part of your copy more crucial than the rest

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Do you see where I’m going with this?

The key to great copywriting are headlines.The rest of your copy can suck but a great headline will up your game. It’s the #1 formula for converting warm and cold traffic.

Before You begin Writing Sales Copy

Before we start, I want to make a really important point. It is the key to successful copy

Until you know you’re target customer, what they need and what their pain points are (pain they’re willing to pay to get rid of), you’re copy will not work.  You need to dial them in first and foremost by asking the following questions:

Who is your target customer? Maybe it’s an entrepreneur, football playing dad, pet owner etc.

What is the number one thing they want (the good stuff)? Entrepreneurs always want more sales. In the case of the football dad, maybe he’s looking to continue to play longer as he gets older.

What is the problem they want to fix?  Back to our entrepreneur.  Perhaps he or she is new in business and has no clients or perhaps growth has stalled.

Why and how are you going to help them?  List out exactly what you do and how you do it. Keep it short and to the point.

Easy Copywriting Formula

As with pretty much everything, there are variations of copywriting. Nothing is set in stone. So, I recommend testing different copy variations. But always follow a clear flow. Something like this. 

  1. Hook
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Proof
  5. Value Stack
  6. Close


Picture this. 

A visitor lands on your funnel. You have less than 5 seconds to catch their attention. What do you do? 

Make it big and bold, I say. But only if you can back up the statement. Remember you only have a few seconds to evoke a response in their mind.

You throw them the hook.

Ask yourself why are they there? Think about how can you help them to:

  • Solve their problem
  • Answer their question
  • Ease their pain
  • Help them achieve their goal

The hook should be benefit driven. So start with the key benefit to the reader and include the problem / pain.  

Use the copy formula: How To [benefit] Without [Pain]. This formula is proven to convert both cold and warm traffic. 

Hook Examples

  1. How To Drive 50,000 visitors To Your Funnel Without Spending a Cent Of Your Own Money On Ads. 
  2. Ready to Say Hello to More Clients, Sales and Profit Than You Could Ever Hope for?
  3. Isn’t it Time You Got More Sales, Subscribers and Clients?
  4. How to 10X, 20X or Even 100X Online Sales?

Whatever hook you cook up include problem, the pain and the benefit.

You can expand on the hook to reel them in further. A great way to do this is with sub-headlines, short text or a VSL.


People will always play a video. And a video sales letter is an excellent tool to convey your hook beyond plain text. 

Use it to reinforce the hook and the rest of your sales message. People will always watch a video before they read text.

Tip: Keep the hook and/or the VSL above the fold (the first bit of screen displayed when a visitor lands on a page) on both desktop and mobile. This way there’s nothing else to distract them and they can’t miss it.

2. Problem

Identify their problem. What is it they are trying to find a solution to? Identify key pain points.

If possible speak from experience. Nothing beats real life experience. When you do this, you make a connection with the reader because you have been in they’re shoes and can relate.  

For example, take an injured athlete. They may be frustrated by nagging injuries but they’re biggest pain point would be not being able to train and compete. 

If you had the same experience in the past, you could easily relate to their pain. 

If you can’t relate, do market research. It will highlight pain points you hadn’t realised. 

Another option is to find somebody you know who can relate and use their experience to establish a bond with the reader. 

3. Present The Solution

This is where you show exactly how you can fix the problem. Convey your unique selling point. In other words what sets you apart from your competitors.

You can use things like the benefits of the product or service, what it’s made of and any other relevant info similar to those to explain the solution.

4. Proof

Backup your claims using testimonials.  Use real results. Leverage customer reviews and social media comments to show proof.

A great way to accomplish proof is using a cluster of reviews and messages from customers on your social channels platforms like Facebook and even email.

Social proof is the key to the door. The more the better. So try to overwhelm the visitor with real results.

5. Value Stacking

If they’re not already convinced. Stack the value and make them an offer so irresistible that they’re foaming at the mouth. Even if they are convinced do it anyway.  

How can you stack the offer?  

By providing added value.   

6. The Close

End the landing page with a brief summary and last call to action (CTA).  

The very bottom of the landing page is the footer. So KISS the footer. As in keep it simple stupid. No distractions. Just the required legal info and links.

If you’re funnel still isn’t converting or would prefer to watch paint dry than write copy, there’s an answer to your problems.

It’s called Funnel Scripts by ClickFunnels and it’s done-for-you copywriting. It will spit out the badass copy you need right in front of your eyes, almost like magic. There’s an amazing webinar training that shows you to get all of your sales copy done in minutes without hiring an expensive copy guy.

Trust me, if you suck at copy this could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. See for yourself by test driving the funnel scripts headline generator.

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How To Write Funnel Copy That Sells

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