How To Remove ClickFunnels Branding From Your Funnels

How To Remove The ClickFunnels Branding From Your Funnels

Learn how to remove ClickFunnels branding from your funnels.

By default when you build a sales funnel, ClickFunnels adds branding in a number of ways. This branding should be consistent with your business brand not ClickFunnels. In this tutorial, you will learn what branding is added by default and how to remove it.

1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Badge

The most obvious way ClickFunnels brands your funnels is with their affiliate badge. If you are a ClickFunnels affiliate you may want to keep the badge on in some circumstances.

If not, you may want to remove ClickFunnels branding from your funnels. If this is the case, then you can ignore the first method I’m going to show you.

Method 1: global Settings

To remove ClickFunnels branding, you can disable the ClickFunnels badge for all pages in account settings.

From the main menu go to Accounts >> Account Details.

clickfunnels affiliate badge global settings

On the manage account details page, scroll down to affiliate settings and click on “Expand”. Set the ClickFunnels affiliate badge settings to off and hit save.

clickfunnels affiliate badge settings

Method 2: Page Settings

Another way to remove ClickFunnels branding is on a per funnel basis. Choose the funnel and page where you would like to turn off the affiliate badge and open the page editor.

Go to settings >> General.

affiliate badge settings

In the general settings tab, change the affiliate badge settings to “hide”.

affiliate badge general settings

2. What’s a favicon?

Favicon is a fancy name for site icon, an image uploaded to a website for branding purposes. This is the second ClickFunnels default branding.

When a visitor opens a website page in their browser. Their favicon appears in the browser tab along with the page title. More recently Google launched a new feature that allows site icons to appear on mobile searches.

ClickFunnels Favicon

By default the ClickFunnels logo is used as the default favicon. This means it is added to every page of every funnel you create.

It stays there until it is removed or replaced. I find this incredibly annoying. For one, it is instantly recognizable as a ClickFunnels page.

Secondly, it means the site icon is the same for your funnel, and your competitor’s funnel and every other funnel that does not remove it. All have the same site branding.

I can’t tell you the number exactly but it’s high, very high. I would go as far as saying the majority of funnels built on ClickFunnels are branded with the ClickFunnels logo instead of their own.

A quick Google search for fitness funnels shows you several businesses using funnels to promote their brands. All still branded with the ClickFunnels red and blue favicon.

remove clickfunnels favicon

If you need help creating a favicon for your own funnel try this free favicon generator.

How To Remove ClickFunnels Branding Favicon

In order to remove the ClickFunnels favicon, you must replace it with your own image. If you simply leave the favicon field blank, the ClickFunnels site icon appears.

The only way to remove this ClickFunnels branding is to replace it. To do this you must first upload a favicon image to your digital assets. Go to Account Settings >> Digital Asset and click on the yellow + New Asset button. Then choose your image file.

clickfunnels digital asset section

Once uploaded go back to the digital assets page and the new digital asset will be listed. Click the three dots on the right to copy the asset path.

copy asset path

Next, open your funnel and go to the funnel settings page.

funnel settings tab in the funnel dashboard

Now paste the asset path in the favicon url field. Scroll to the bottom of the page to save and update the settings.

If you are not using the global settings to remove the affiliate badge, you will need to repeat the above steps for each funnel.

favicon url

3. Funnel Metadata

The last branding ClickFunnels adds by default is SEO metadata. To remove the meta data open any funnel page. Then go to Settings > SEO Meta Data.

affiliate badge settings

In the keywords section you will see three keywords, clickfunnels, landing page and web site editor. Simply highlight and remove the keywords.

seo meta data branding clickfunnels

Alternatively, add your own keywords here.

These are the three methods, ClickFunnels adds default branding to your funnels and how to remove them.

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How To Remove ClickFunnels Branding From Your Funnels

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