How to Free Up Space in Your ClickFunnels Account

For those using the ClickFunnels starter plan, it can sometimes happen that you have created so many funnels that you have hit the maximum allowed in your account. The same is true for funnel steps.

Until you free some space, you will be unable to create anymore funnels or steps. Learn how to remove the funnels and funnel steps you don’t need or how to make room for the new ones when you are at a limit.

What to do, if you Hit Your limit of funnels or Steps

If you are at a limit of the funnels, you will simply not be able to create new funnels. In order to make room for new ones, you will need to archive the funnels you don’t need.

Here is how it’s done.

how to archive funnels in clcikfunnels

You cannot permanently delete funnels inside ClickFunnels. That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can turn off the funnels you no longer need. This is called archiving. The difference is that you can restore an archived funnel.

The funnel that you archive will result in the total amount of funnels in your account decreasing by 1. Archiving the funnel will also decrease the total amount of pages in your account. For instance, if you archive a funnel with 4 funnel steps in it, it will decrease the amount of funnels you have by 1 and the number of pages by 4.

You can always find the funnels you archived in the “archived” tab in your account:

It takes ClickFunnels some time for the reduction to display in your dashboard. But you will be able to create new funnels immediately. Typically, it takes until you log back in to your account to show the reduced numbers.

What to do, if you are at a limit of pages

You might not be close to hitting the max number of funnels in your account but if you hit the max number of pages, you will not be able to create new funnel. This might happen if you are creating 7,8 and 10 step funnels. In order to be able to create new ones, you will have to delete the funnel steps you don’t need.

This is a feature I do not like about ClickFunnels. It would make thing much easier if they stuck to limiting the number of funnels only.

In order to delete a funnel step, you will need to either click the red cross for the funnel step or click “Delete Funnel Step” button: You can learn how to delete funnels here.

How to Free Up Space in Your ClickFunnels Account

by Wes James time to read: 2 min