#5 Easy Steps To Be A Successful ClickFunnels Affiliate

How To Be A Successful ClickFunnels Affiliate

ClickFunnels is a fantastic sales and marketing suite that any business can use, but that is not the only great thing about it. There is a very attractive and very lucrative ClickFunnels affiliate program that people are using to make money.

Becoming an affiliate is easier than you think. But before you sign up, you may be wondering what exactly is an affiliate. 

Let’s take a quick look at that.

What is a Click funnels Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing sometimes called referral marketing is when an online business pays a commission to another website from the traffic or sales they get from that website’s referrals.

In other words, an affiliate is somebody with a website (like a blogger) that promotes the ClickFunnels software and receives a commission when ClickFunnels makes a sale through that websites affiliate link.

As an affiliate, your affiliate link is the single most important component of affiliate marketing. Without it, you won’t get paid.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation, a mutually beneficial relationship. The company being marketed gets new sales and the affiliates doing the marketing get a generous percentage of those sales.

Many bloggers choose to go in this direction with commissions making up a generous portion of their revenue.

It all comes down to promoting a product or service that you believe in. If you feel that strongly about it, why not recommend it and make some money along the way?

How do I become an affiliate?

Unlike many affiliate programs, the second you create your ClickFunnels account, you become an affiliate.

If you have never heard of ClickFunnels check out some frequently asked questions.

ClickFunnels Commissions (Important)

The least expensive ClickFunnels plan is $97 a month. On this plan, users can build all types of funnels. The next plan is $297 a month and includes additional software including Actionetics and Backpack.

Read this article for a comprehensive look at all the ClickFunnels pricing.

Commissions for the ClickFunnels affiliate program are 40% (except for the one funnel away challenge which is 100%).

In dollars, that works out to $38 per month (on the $97 plan) and $118 per month on the ($297 plan). These are recurring commissions each month for as long users stay signed up.  

As an affiliate, you can also promote all of the other products including Russell Brunson’s books and training. I’ve made a list below.

Sticky Cookies

One of the best parts about the ClickFunnels Affiliate program is what they call the “sticky cookie”.

What it means is that one of your paid sign ups visits another ClickFunnels offer like DotCom Secrets, you still get the commission (even if they arrived there using another affiliate link) because of the sticky cookie. The sticky cookie is tracked by the email they used to buy ClickFunnels initially.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. What I mean is that you can sticky cookie someone before they sign up to ClickFunnels with certain funnels. See the list below to see which ones “stick” the sticky cookie.

Subscription Plan Commissions

  • ClickFunnels: $38.50 / month
  • Etison Suite: $118.50 / month

30 Days Summit Funnel Commissions

  • One Funnel Away Challenge: $100

10X Secrets Funnel Commissions

  • 10X Secrets Masterclass: $118.80
  • 10X Secrets Slides:  $38.80
  • Closing Secrets: $118.80
  • Virtual FHAT event: $198.80

DCS 108 Split Tests Funnel Commissions

  • DCS 108 Split tests (Free Book): $0
  • Instant Traffic Hacks: $78.70
  • Perfect Webinar Secrets: $118.80

Dotcom Secrets Funnel Commissions

  • Dot Com Secrets (Free Book): $1.00
  • The Black Box: $14.80
  • 3 Funnel Bundle: $14.80
  • Audio Book + Bonuses: $18.80
  • Traffic Secrets: $118.80
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: $798.80

Expert Secrets Funnel Commissions

  • Expert Secrets (Free Book): $1.00
  • Blackbox Book Bundle: $14.80
  • Storytelling Secrets: $14.80
  • Audio Book + Bonuses: $18.80
  • Expert Evolution System: $78.70
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: $798.80

Freelancer Secrets Funnel Commissions

  • Create Your Laptop Lifestyle (Monthly): $19.60
  • Create Your Laptop Lifestyle (Yearly): $79.60 / year
  • Order Bump: $14.80

Funnel Fridays Funnel Commission (Sticky Cookie)

  • Funnel Fridays: $0

Funnel Graffiti Funnel Commissions

  • Funnel Graffiti (Free): $0
  • FunnelU Monthly: $26.80 / month
  • Funnel Immersion: $118.80

Funnelhacker Cookbook Funnel

  • Funnelhacker Cookbook (Free Book): $1.00
  • The Black Box: $14.80
  • Funnel Immersion: $118.80
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: $798.80

Funnel Scripts Funnel Commissions

  • Funnel Scripts: $318.80

Funnel University Funnel Commissions

  • FunnelU 14 Day Free Trial: $0
  • FunnelU Monthly: $26.80 / month
  • Funnel Catcher: $118.80


  • 1 Year FunnelU Up Front: $237.60
  • Funnel Catcher: $118.80

Funnel Hacker TV Commissions (Sticky Cookie)

  • Funnel Hacker TV: $0

Marketing In Your Car  Funnel Commissions

  • Marketing In Your Car MP3 Player: $0
  • FunnelU Monthly: $26.80
  • Funnel Immersion: $118.80

Marketing Secrets Commissions (Stick Cookie)

  • Marketing Secrets (Free Book): $0

Network Secrets Funnel Commissions

  • Network Secrets (Free Book): $1.00
  • The Black Box: $14.80
  • OFA Challenge: $40
  • Traffic Secrets: $118.80

Perfect Webinar Secrets  Funnel Commissions

  • Perfect Webinar Script: $0
  • Perfect Webinar Slides (PPT & Keynote): $18.80
  • Perfect Webinar Secrets Training: $118.80

Software Secrets (Free Book) Funnel Commissions

  • 501 Software Ideas Generator: $6.80
  • Software Secrets Book: $10.80
  • Software Secrets Course: $798.80

Funnel Builder Secrets Funnel Commissions

  • Funnel Builder Secrets (6 Months): $798.80
  • Funnel Builder Secrets (12 Months): $1198.80
  • Funnel Builder Secrets (ClickStart): $2398.80

I didn’t lie when I wrote it is a very attractive and very lucrative affiliate marketing program.
That’s a lot of offers to choose from and a lot of potential commissions to earn.

Step #1 – Affiliate Signup

Not a lot of people know this, but it’s FREE to sign up to become an affiliate. You don’t have to use it to promote it.

In my opinion, it’s not ethical to promote something simply because it has an affiliate program. I believe, you should only recommend something if you use it and believe it can add value to users which is why I recommend a ClickFunnels account.

I am a paid ClickFunnels user and while the software is not perfect, there are many reasons I’m happy with it. The main reason I recommend it is because it does something no other tool does. I can easily create a proper sales funnel to guide visitors exactly where I want them.

If you do not have an account, the easiest way to get started is by beginning with the “ClickFunnels dream car” affiliate contest.

Step #2 – ClickFunnels dream Car Contest

What’s your dream car is a contest by ClickFunnels where if you win, they will cover the lease on your dream car payments each month. The great thing about it is everyone that enters has a chance to win it.

Oh and if you make it, you will likely be earning close to $4,000 dollars in commissions each month.

You can find the dream car contest affiliate access page here. I recommend using an incognito/private browsing window for this. This will ensure you login with a ‘clean slate’ and greatly reduces the chances that complications will occur.

ClickFunnels Dream Car Winners

Step #3 – ClickFunnels Affiliate Login

Once you become an affiliate, you can review the different affiliate offers, marketing material and stats as well as getting the appropriate links to market ClickFunnels. I recommend having a Clickfunnels Account. This way you can get to know and love the software. It makes it easier to recommend something when you know what you are talking about.

How To Access Your ClickFunnel Affiliate Login

From within your Clickfunnels account, select Affiliates from the account profile menu. This will bring to the affiliate center. If you’re not logged in, click here to login to your affiliate account.

Step #4 – ClickFunnels Affiliate Training

Additionally, ClickFunnels has an all new 2019 FREE affiliate training called Affiliate Bootcamp, which you can check out. The old bootcamp was in need of updating. The new affiliate boot camp takes a different format than the old training program.

For one, the videos are drip fed. This is likely so that users don’t get information overload and can take in what they learn.

The other big difference with the new affiliate bootcamp is the interviews. Russell Brunson contacted all of his dream car winners with one very important question.

Not every affiliate responded but those who did, were willing to share their secrets to success. And I recommend listening to every single word. See here to sign up to Affiliate Bootcamp training.

Start your journey to super affiliate status and share in the $52 million dollars in ClickFunnels commissions paid out so far.

And lookout for upcoming Uberfunnels affiliate bootcamp reviews.

Step #5 – ClickFunnels Super Affiliate Training

While there’s no actual benchmark for being called a super affiliate, it is a term reserved for top performing ClickFunnels affiliates. Affiliate like the dream car winners and the top dog Spencer who has earned over $1 million dollars in ClickFunnels commissions.

He share shares his secrets of how to make a million in this free web class here.

What’s Next?

Step #1 – Get Your Affiliate Links Inside Affiliate Center
Step #2 – Learn everything you can about ClickFunnels
Step #3 – Start Promoting Click Funnels

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