Get ClickFunnels For $19

Get ClickFunnels For $19

If the cost of ClickFunnels for either the starter plan or Etison Suite package was outside your budget, there might have been some hope for you.

It was a little known secret called the share funnel plan. This plan could allow you to not only get Click funnels free for 14 days, but also stay with the funnel builder for a fraction of the normal cost.

If you try to sign up for ClickFunnels, it looks like they have two subscription plans. But there was a third, hidden plan called the share funnel plan that let you get ClickFunnels for $19 per month.

But there was a catch.

You couldn’t just sign up to ClickFunnels and choose the $19 plan. As I mentioned it was hidden. And to unlock the plan, you had to be invited by another user.

In 2019 ClickFunnels made big changes to their price plans and this included the share funnel plan. Read more here.

Get ClickFunnels For $19

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