ClickFunnels Pricing Guide 2020? Pricing for Every Click Funnel Product


Want To Know All The ClickFunnels Pricing For 2020, Including All Their Funnels? Find out in Our Mega ClickFunnels Price Guide Below

Up until now, there were two ClickFunnels pricing plans. The ClickFunnels™ $97 per month option and ClickFunnels™ Platinum option for $297 per month. Not anymore, there’s now a third plan called the Click Funnels Collective plan.

Aside from these three subscription plans, Click Funnels has a host of other products. In htis guide, I give you full pricing and features for every prioduct.

ClickFunnels is a drag-n-drop page builder that helps subscribers create landing pages without any coding knowledge.

It also provides subscribers with an email autoresponder and affiliate management software that helps them capture leads and manage affiliates respectively. Clickfunnels is seen as a software company because of its funnel builder. However, it’s actually a marketing company first and a software company second. Which is why in this article, we review ClickFunnels pricing for their funnel builder and all their sales funnel products.

In this guide I will show you the standard ClickFunnels pricing plan. This is ideal for business owners that won’t need to build unlimited funnels. 

I will show you the higher priced plan which gives you access to all of the ClickFunnels features.

Last, we now have a third price option, the ClickFunnels collective plan. This another unlimited plan but with extra features and a huge bump in price.

I will also show you every ClickFunnels funnel and their prices.

Ok so let’s dive in.

Update: This article has been updated to reflect the new Click Funnel pricing plans after their big announcement on September 23rd, ClickFunnels 5th birthday.

Yesterday, Russell Brunson made the first of three big announcements in a live broadcast across social media.

The announcement mainly had to do with this; going forward ClickFunnels will be focusing solely on their core product i.e. funnel building software so they can improve the product for their customers.

Russell also revealed the introduction of a third monthly price plan. And this is where it gets really interesting.

ClickFunnels Pricing: How Much Does It Cost Per Month?

As I mentioned, up until now, we had two primary ClickFunnels pricing plans ranging from $97 to $297 per month.

The main differences between both ClickFunnels pricing plans is the number of funnels and the number of pages users can create with a single ClickFunnels account.

Along with the amount of traffic those funnels can receive.

The two ClickFunnels pricing plans I’m talking about are the ClickFunnels™ page builder plan and the ClickFunnels Etison Suite.

Since the big birthday reveal, the Etison suite is now known as the ClickFunnels Platinum plan with a third plan, ClickFunnels Collective in the works.

Below is a quick pricing comparison of both ClickFunnels pricing plans.

clickfunnels pricing click funnel pricing chart

Image: ClickFunnels Pricing Signup Chart. Courtesy of ClickFunnels

As you can see, the new ClickFunnels platinum plan looks pretty similar to the Etison Suite Plan. It’s even discounted from $697 per month (ouch) to $297 per month.

However there are two major features only available for platinum users.

  • Virtual Hackathons
  • Funnel Flix

Before we dive into the new ClickFunnels pricing including the new platinum plan, let’s look at their starter plan .

ClickFunnels Pricing: ClickFunnels Plan

Price: $97 / mo

  • Build 20 funnels or 100 pages whichever comes first
  • 20,000 monthly visitors
  • 3 custom domains
  • 3 payment gateways
  • Email Integrations
  • A/B split testing
  • Share Funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Sales funnels
  • Lead funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Upsell and Downsell pages
  • Funnel hacker forum
  • FunnelFlix (limited access)
  • Chat support

The ClickFunnels only plan is $97 per month. On this plan, users have access to the ClickFunnels funnel building software.

Users can create a maximum of 20 active funnels with up to 100 pages. While visitor traffic is limited to 20,000 unique visitors per month and 3 custom domains are allowed.

Why would anyone want custom domains? The answer is, you need custom domains when you need to build entirely different funnels.

For example, the ClickFunnels site uses the domain “” as its web address. This is one custom domain.

Technically the site is actually a funnel, and it’s not their only funnel. In fact, ClickFunnels has a bunch of other funnels. All using custom domains.

One example of another funnel that uses a custom domain is Dotcom Secrets is a separate funnel used to promote ClickFunnels. And this is why you might need to use custom domains.

Essentially, what it means is subscribers to the ClickFunnels pricing plan can use custom domains to promote separate brands.

This plan is ideal for Entrepreneurs just starting with online marketing or small businesses looking to scale their business with sales funnels.

What Can You Do With The ClickFunnels Plan?

In most cases, people who find this article are trying to establish how much does ClickFunnels cost and what features are available. Well, the ClickFunnels plan comes with some unexpected features. For example, you can build just about any type of funnel.

Website Funnel

Need a full website? A complete website sales funnel with navigation etc. can be built using ClickFunnels. But it won’t be a website in the traditional way. It will be a “funnelsite”

Take the home page, the first step in the website funnel. This page lets the entrepreneur have elements of a traditional “home page” website. But under the hood it is actually a funnel that looks like a website designed to generate leads.

The first page would tell the story of the business and invite visitors to opt-in. From there, they are guided to the next step in the funnel instead of a random page like a traditional website.

homepage website funnel

Image: Website Funnel – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Membership Site

A membership sales funnel is designed to sell people into membership sites, subscription newsletters and more. There are several different ways to sell a membership site with a marketing funnel.

For example, with a webinar or a sales letter or in the picture below a video sales letter.

On the first page of the funnel, someone will typically sign up for some type of free trial. On the thank you page they get a link to create their account in the member’s area.

Users then create their own unique username and password and content unlocks based on the user’s specific purchases.

Building a membership site elsewhere usually involves additional costs and is usually not a native feature of a platform. One example is WordPress. But it can be easily done with the $97 ClickFunnels Plan.

membership funnel

Image: Membership Funnel – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Online Store

The storefront sales funnel is a single page where all of your products sit together with links to other individual funnels and products. It mimics a more traditional eCommerce website, but each product pushes you into a funnel designed for that particular product.

storefront funnel

Image: Storefront Funnel – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Webinar Funnel

Building a webinar sales funnel with ClickFunnels is easy.  The Webinar Funnel gives the entrepreneur more time to close potential customers at a higher price point. Webinar Funnels are an “event” and are broken into two phases.

During the first phase, visitors register for a seat to attend and hear success stories to increase curiosity. Unlike the Auto Webinar Funnel, this live version is usually hosted on a 3rd party software (Go-To-Webinar, Zoom, etc).

During the second phase, visitors attend the live webinar and watch replays while the window to buy begins to close, creating true scarcity and urgency.

Webinar Funnel

Image: Webinar FunnelClickFunnels Pricing Review

To learn more on how to create a webinar that sells, read Russell Brunson’s book “Expert Secrets”. It shows you slide by slide what to say to sell any product or service.

Want to do a webinar on auto-pilot? Make the webinar funnel an Auto-Webinar Funnel that can run on the hour, every hour.

Shopping Cart

The $97 ClickFunnels plan has a built in shopping cart and some great order forms that can be placed on any page of the funnel.

Payment Gateways

ClickFunnels has the ability to integrate with Stripe, PayPal, Recurly and several other payment gateways.


At the time of writing, ClickFunnels has over 35 available integrations with popular third party services like WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Aweber and HubSpot. For other integrations not available, there is Zapier and Webhooks.

With Zapier you can build Zaps (web apps) which can automate parts of your business or life. A Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over.

Webhooks allows you to send end data to an external system. Sales funnel web-hooks are triggered when a new contact is created or updated and when a new purchase is created or updated.

That’s just a taste of the powerful features included with the ClickFunnels starter plan. It really can satisfy the needs of most digital entrepreneurs and businesses.

ClickFunnels Pricing: Click Funnels Platinum

Price: $297 / mo

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Follow-up funnels
  • Backpack (Affiliate center)
  • 9 payment gateways
  • 9 domains
  • Weekly hackathons
  • All of FunnelFlix 
  • Priority chat support

The ClickFunnels Platinum plan gives you the flexibility to create unlimited funnels.

It also comes with Follow-Up Funnels, which allows you to send and automate emails, texts and messages so you can stay connected with your audience.

And, with the ability to connect to 9 different payment gateways, customers have more options to pay you.

Actionetics MD Now Called Follow-Up Funnels

Actionetics has been renamed, Follow-up Funnels. It’s the ClickFunnels internal email marketing platform. It gives you access to a range of features including:

  • Visual email builder
  • Email list segmentation
  • Email broadcasts
  • Track opens and clicks
  • Autoresponder follow up series
  • Unique social contact profiles
  • Lead scoring/Action scores
  • Mobile responsive emails

And more tools that really benefit online entrepreneurs and help them boost sales.

ClickFunnels Backpack

ClickFunnels Backpack is their internal affiliate management program. For example, let’s say you sold a course and planned to promote it through affiliates. Backpack allows you to recruit and manage all your affiliates and commissions.

With Backpack, you get unlimited affiliates, tiered commissions and affiliate clicks. It also tracks clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Once you sign up to either of the ClickFunnels pricing packages, users get a free 14 day trial where they can try the Backpack feature.

Once you’ve tested it, you have the option of sticking with the $297 per month plan or dropping down to the ClickFunnels $97 per month plan.

However, the big new features with Click Funnels Platinum are Virtual Hackathons AND… Funnels Flix Platinum.

Virtual Hackathons

Every month expert coaches will show you how to build various funnels step by step. Whether you need a webinar funnel or ecom funnel, the coaches will build out the funnels in real time so you can follow along.

If you happen to miss the ecom funnel hackathon, no problem. Just wait for it to roll around again.

Funnel Flix Platinum

This is where it gets REAL!

When you upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum, you’ll also unlock Funnel Flix, ClickFunnels’ giant training vault with their top video courses. Courses like 10X secrets, Traffic Secrets and Funnel Builder Secrets.

But that’s not all.

“You’ll get access to ADDITIONAL courses and training modules for all things funnels, marketing, systems, traffic, sales, copywriting, business strategy, and peak performance”

Clickfunnels have also licensed a bunch of courses from creators such as Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham.

All in all, I count nearly 30 courses live or coming soon inside Funnel Flix.

Until now, members paid up to $25,000 to attend some of these training sessions. But they’re included when you upgrade to Platinum.

It’s safe to say, the value of the new platinum plan is priceless! Especially since it is currently discounted to $297.

I asked ClickFunnels if purchasing now at $297/m will lock in that price and the answer is, YES. This means if you get in now, you won’t be charged the full $697 when it goes up.

If you want to try the platinum plan for free click the button below. On the sign up page, make sure to check the Etison suite option. Once logged in, head to to unlock the platinum features.

Old ClickFunnels Pricing Chart

clickfunnels pricing chart

Image: Old Sign up Chart – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

ClickFunnels Pricing: Click Funnels Collective

Price: $1,497 / mo

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Follow-up funnels
  • Backpack (Affiliate center)
  • 27 payment gateways
  • 27 domains
  • Weekly hackathons
  • All of FunnelFlix + Hours Additional Training
  • Priority chat support
  • VIP Phone support

The Collective plan is a new subscription plan that is now being offered by ClickFunnels. Essentially, Collective members are applying to join Russell Brunson’s Two Comma Club Membership.

According to Russell Brunson, the Collective is to help existing businesses scale to the “two comma club”.

Entry into the ClickFunnels Collective is by application only. Meaning applicants will be approved if they are a good fit for the program.

clickfunnels collective pricing 1497 dollars per month

Annual Click Funnel Pricing

ClickFunnels has a promotion where you can save $2,567 while still getting access to the full Etison Suite which costs $297 per month along with some of their best products and services. The annual ClickFunnels cost is excellent value for money.

You’re basically getting 6 months free to the Etison suite. It’s the best value deal ClickFunnels has to offer. See Funnel Builder Secrets section on this page for full details.

Funnel Hacks

Price: $997 (No longer available)

Funnel Hacks is a promotion that gives you access to the Etison suite plus a whole host of goodies from ClickFunnels at a huge discounted rate. Just take a look below. Funnel Hacks cost $997 and included 6 months unlimited access to ClickFunnels Etison Suite.

Funnel hacks included no contracts and allowed members to downgrade or cancel an account anytime with a single click inside the dashboard.

At one point, Funnel hacks was the best deal available from ClickFunnels.

funnel hacks upgrade

Image: Funnel Hacks – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

30 Days Summit

Price: $0

The 30 days summit is a collection of interviews with thirty 2 comma club winners. In it, they walk-through their blueprint for success over the course of 30 days with just a ClickFunnels account.

It’s free to sign up and watch the interviews but if you want the book version, that is available as an upsell only.

10X Secrets

Price: $297

10X Secrets is a funnel by Russell Brunson that opens once a year. The top of the funnel is a webinar masterclass where he teaches the “Selling Secrets Of The World’s #1 HIGHEST Paid Speaker” who earned $3 million dollars for a 90 minute speech.  

Who is the highest paid speaker? It’s none other than Russell Brunson.

If you struggle with the “selling” part of your business, take a look at 10X Secrets and learn from the world’s highest-paid speaker.

Russell teaches the lost skill that allows you to sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  The same process and script that he uses to sell millions with one speech.

The 10X Secrets masterclass is likely closed but you can join the wait list and get notified of its reopening.  The masterclass is $297 to purchase.

10x secrets masterclass

Image: 10X Secrets Masterclass – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

DCS 108 Split Tests Winners

Price: Free + $9.95 Shipping

DCS 108 is a book that Russell Brunson put together. Inside the book are108 proven split test winners. He’s done the hard work of testing all of them and now you can put them to use in your funnels.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Price: Affiliate Bootcamp 2019

Price: $0

Since the company began, ClickFunnels has paid out over $52 million dollars in commissions to their affiliates. In 2018 alone, that figure was $22 million dollars.

98 ClickFunnels affiliates get their dream car paid for every month.

Many of their affiliates are lucky enough to make a full time income by promoting the company’s products. However the vast majority struggle to make anything at all.

To help those struggling, they created a training program designed to teach beginners how to make money as a ClickFunnels affiliate called Affiliate Bootcamp.  

Affiliate Bootcamp has been around for awhile but recently they decided to change it up and revamp the training.

So what’s different for 2019?   Russell contacted all 98 of his dream car winners to ask them this question;

If you had to feed your family with nothing but your affiliate commissions, and you only had 100 days in which to turn your hobby into a full time career, what would you do each day (for the next 100 days) until you were full time?

Not surprising, many didn’t respond.

But, thankfully 15 super affiliates did respond. And each was willing to help by literally showing what they would do if they had to start over from scratch.

The end result is a course filled with golden nuggets of information to help go from making zero dollars to full-time income with just affiliate commissions.

And the best part, affiliate bootcamp is FREE! That’s correct, you get a $2000 training course for free.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp 2019

Fig. Affiliate Bootcamp 2019 – ClickFunnels Price Review

Dotcom Secrets

Price: Free + $9.95 Shipping

If you’re trying to make more money online but can’t because of low traffic or crappy conversion rates. Then Dotcom Secrets can help. The internet sales book from Russell Bruson has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Inside you will find the actual playbook he created with all of the processes, funnels and scripts that he uses to scale companies online.  

DCS also includes his top seven favourite funnel, sales scripts and much more. Dotcom Secrets is a shortcut for any entrepreneur or company serious about succeeding online.

The Dotcom Secrets hardcopy book is free. All you have to do is cover the printing and shipping costs at either $7.95 US or $14.95 international to get this value packed offer.

And if that’s not enough, the book comes with a guarantee that if you don’t love it, they will return your shipping fee and let you keep the book anyway.

Expert Secrets

Price: Free + $9.95 Shipping

Would you like to get paid for your advice? That’s the concept of another book by Russell Brunson.

Experts Secrets was written to teach anyone how to get people to pay for their advice.

Learn how to build a mass movement of true believers that will pay you for the knowledge you already have.

The premise of the book is so simple yet so powerful. Why? Because, the impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable.

But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change. Which is what Expert Secrets will teach you. 

Just like Dotcom Secrets, the book is free. You only cover the printing and shipping costs.

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich” – Robert Kiyosaki

Freelancer Secrets

Price: $49/mo or $199/year

Freelancer Secrets was created by Julie Stoian. It details what she did to BOOTSTRAP her way to millions. The “roadmap” that took her from stay-at-home mom to six-figures.

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll want to know about this single, stay-at-home mom that bootstrapped her way to freelancer success

Funnel Fridays

Price: $0

How would you like Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards to build your funnel. Each Friday ONE lucky winner is picked, and in just 30 minutes they try to write your copy, build your funnel, and help you get it launched. How cool is that?

Funnel Graffiti

Price: Free + Shipping

Funnel Graffiti is another free plus shipping offer from ClickFunnels. It’s a book of stickers that lets you visually build funnels anywhere you can stick them. Whether that’s on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror or floor. Whatever floats your boat.

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

Price: Free Pdf or Free + Shipping Hard Copy

The Funnel hacker’s cookbook is just that, an actual cook book for funnels. A 350 page book of funnel recipes that gives you the “ingredients” to build all types of funnels. Learn which funnel to build and when to use them.

If you’re new to marketing funnels, the cookbook will give you the understanding you need to succeed with funnels.

The Perfect Webinar

Price: $0

The webinar script that made Russell Brunson a millionaire. The story goes that one day Russell Brunson, was up on stage to give a talk on marketing. When his talk came to an end and he did his close, not a single person went to the back of the room and bought his product.  

After that he went on a mission to learn how to sell from a stage from the likes of Dan Kennedy, Bill Glaze and some others. The end result is the perfect webinar. A template for selling anything through a webinar.  A script so successful, it has made an estimated $30 million dollars so far.

The Perfect Webinar is free to watch.

Funnel University

Price: $67/mo Or $597/year (Moved To Funnel Flix)

The founders of ClickFunnels launched their own school for funnels simply known as FunnelU. It’s a training program for entrepreneurs who want to learn more about sales funnels and how to optimise those funnels for maximum sales. When you join FunnelU, you’ll learn how to create scripts, sales letters and how to test funnels.

Funnel Hacker TV

Price $0

Funnel Hacker TV is a free show hosted by Russell Brunson. It was started to show how they build funnels, how they drive traffic and how they make money online.

Marketing In Your Car

Price: Free + $9.95 Shipping

Literally marketing in a car. It’s a podcast by RB that he does in his car. And you can get the first 257 episodes of Marketing In Your Car for free on a Preloaded MP3 Player.

If you don’t want the MP3 player, the podcast is available on iTunes and the Play store.

No more excuses now!

Network Marketing Secrets

Price: Free + $9.95 Shipping

Another free book but this time, it’s for network marketing teams. The book teaches you how to build online sales funnels to grow your downline and business using ClickFunnels.

One Funnel Away Challenge

Price: $100

If you’re trying to figure out how best to use funnels to make money, I highly recommend the One Funnel Away Challenge. Inside the OFA, you get elite entrepreneurs and marketers showing you how they used funnels to make millions and what they would do if they had to start all over again.

If that isn’t enough Russell Brunson and his team coach you through the challenge. In exchange for a tiny investment of $100 you get an insane amount of value.

clickfunnels pricing one funnel away

Image. One Funnel Away – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Funnel Scripts

Price: $797

Sales copy is a critical part of any website or funnel. It’s how you tell your story. Top copywriters charge thousands of dollars. Copy for a sales page can be in and around $20,000 dollars. That’s far outside what most can afford. So what’s the alternative?

One option is to do it yourself. But that’s not much fun. I’d much rather have teeth pulled out. 

On the other hand Funnel Scripts puts a little ”fun” back into writing sales copy. 

Created by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, Funnel Scripts is a software that makes writing sales copy a breeze. 

If you want to see Funnel Scripts in action, checkout the free web class “How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written (In As Little As 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter“

What you’ll learn from the Funnel Scripts web class:

  • Secret #1 – The #1 reason your funnel isn’t converting is your copy
  • Secret #2 – You don’t have to hire a world class copywriter
  • Secret #3 – You don’t have to become a world class copywriter

For some quick tips on sales copy, see this article.  

funnel scripts free web class

Fig. Funnel Scripts – ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Funnel Builder Secrets

Price: From $1997

Let’s be clear, ClickFunnels is an investment in your business. To ensure members get the most out of it, they created Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS for short). FBS replaced the Funnel Hacks deal and is by far the best deal available right now from ClickFunnels.

If you purchased Funnel hacks when it came out and have recently bought FBS, let me know in the comments below which deal you think is better.

Funnel builder secrets is an insane package that will give you access to a bunch of ClickFunnels best products and training including 6-12 months access to the full Etison suite.

  • 6 Months Etison Suite Plan Access
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 Months Access to Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

They’ve even created an on-boarding program for serious Entrepreneurs called ClickStart. During your onboarding, you’ll work one-on-one with a coach (for 8 weeks) who will ensure that you know how to use every important feature in ClickFunnels.

Funnel Builder Secrets Is The Best Value ClickFunnels Deal

Software Secrets

Price: Free + $9.95 Shipping

Looking to start a software company? Learn how to create and launch your own software or app in The Next 90 Day with Software Secrets.

Software Secrets is a book by Garret Pierson and Scott Brandley. It’s promoted by ClickFunnels that shows you how to build your own software empire from scratch without knowing any code.

ClickFunnels Discount Price: Share Funnel Plan

Price: $19 Discontinued

Update: If you have been on the fence about joining ClickFunnels on the $97 plan but found the $19 share funnel plan tempting, I have bad news.

The $19 ClickFunnels plan is no more.

If the ClickFunnels cost for either the Click Funnels starter plan or the ClickFunnels Etison Suite was outside your budget, there was still hope before Monday September 23rd 2019.

When this article was first published, I shared a little known secret that could allow you to not only get Click funnels free for 14 days, but also stay with the funnel builder for a fraction of the normal cost.

If you try to sign up for ClickFunnels, it looks like they have two subscription plans. But, there was a third, hidden plan called the share funnel plan that let you get ClickFunnels for $19 per month.

But there was a catch.

You couldn’t just sign up to ClickFunnels and choose the $19 plan. As I mentioned it was hidden. And to unlock the plan, you had to be invited by another user.

Even Though The Share Funnel Plan Has Been Discontinued, Sharing Funnels Has Not

Here’s how it works.

Inside ClickFunnels is the option to share a funnel with anyone. Hence the name, share funnel. Each funnel has a unique URL. When we share that URL link with others, they can get the exact same pre-built funnel, imported into their ClickFunnels account.

If you don’t have a click funnels account, the funnel link will take you to the sign up page below.

clickfunnels pricing how to get clickfunnels for $19 per month

Image: How To Share Funnels- ClickFunnels Pricing Review

Enter your email, create a new password and click on the big green button that says start your trial.

On the next page, choose your ClickFunnels price plan. Then complete the signup process to start your free 14 day trial.

clickfunnels pricing how to get clickfunnels for $19 per month step 2

Image: How To Share FunnelsClickFunnels Pricing Review

I can’t stress enough that if you’re not using ClickFunnels right now, you’re leaving money on the table. So stop wasting time and sign up today.

Lead Funnels

Price: You Won’t Believe It

Launched in 2019, Lead Funnels is a collection of the most successful lead gen funnels.

As you know, lead gen is the lifeblood of any business. Without leads a business can’t survive. The problem is, most businesses struggle with generating quality leads. 

That’s where Russell Brunson’s Lead Funnels come in. It’s an ebook containing a massive compilation of the most successful and profitable Lead Funnels, landing pages, and tripwire pages on the market.

Russell breaks down over 100 proven lead funnels across a bunch of industries. Including ecommerce, consulting, services, social media, health, nutrition, fitness, franchising, internet marketing, you name it.

You’ll discover the secrets to creating irresistible hooks, headlines, lead magnets, bullets, and stories that capture leads on demand!

You’ll see the exact funnels that Russell and other successful entrepreneurs study and model to build their lists.

The best part of this compilation is that anyone can swipe and model any of these high performing lead gen monsters for their business.

It’s called the “Lead Funnel Swipe File”, and it’s huge!

Without a doubt, this book should be on EVERY business owner and entrepreneur’s digital bookshelf. 

Here’s the link to where I grabbed my copy for only $7. →

Click here to claim your copy of “Lead Funnel Swipe File.”

OFA Platinum Christmas Offer

Price: $1997

ClickFunnels has just released an xmas offer for the funnel hacker community, an end of year special. A last chance to get an amazing deal before the year ends.

If you are still on the fence about buying any of the CickFunnels amazing offers. This may be the one.

ClickFunnels Year-End Special!

ClickFunnels just unwrapped a huge Christmas bonus surprise. A surprise that is possibly the best deal in ClickFunnels history!

Since ClickFunnels was launched a little over five years ago, they’ve never done anything like this before, and they likely never will again.

OFA Platinum + 12 Months Of ClickFunnels

Get 5 months of ClickFunnels free plus these huge bonuses:

  • 30 Days Of Coaching (Russell, Julie, Steve) ($1,997 Value)
  • OFA Challenge Kit (Plus “30 Days” Book!) ($197 Value)
  • 12 Months of ClickFunnels Platinum ($3,564 Value)
  • Virtual Hackathons (Huge Value)
  • FunnelFlix Platinum (Priceless)
  • White Glove Onboarding Service ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: DotCom Secrets LIVE ($2,997 Value)
  • BONUS: Expert Secrets LIVE ($2,997 Value)
  • BONUS: Traffic Secrets LIVE

All of that comes to a whopping $15,426 dollar value and a saving of $1,567 dollars if you take them up on their ClickFunnels xmas price deal.

If all that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Check it out before it’s gone at the end of the year. 

Secrets Masterclass

Price: Free

So far there have been 787 “Two Comma Club” award winners. That’s 787 million dollar funnels. If you would like to know the secrets to generating over a million dollars in sales, you can find out in the Secrets Masterclass.

click funnels secrets masterclass secrets pricing

Conclusion: Is ClickFunnels Pricing Worth The Cost?

ClickFunnels is a SaaS sales funnel builder designed to help entrepreneurs and marketers sell more products and services online. It is essentially a website builder but not in the traditional sense. And this is where its strengths lie. It is the only website builder that makes it easy to build sales funnels quickly!

With the click of a button, you can instantly create dozens of different types of sales funnels, including

  • Optin funnels
  • Tripwire funnels
  • Reverse squeeze page funnels
  • Application funnels
  • Cancellation sites

If you don’t know what any of those funnels are, you’re missing out on the power of ClickFunnels. Any serious business or individual looking to generate more sales or capture more leads should consider using ClickFunnels to create a marketing funnel. ClickFunnels has become wildly successful and that’s mainly due to the results users are seeing with it.

At the time of writing ClickFunnels has over 87,000 users with $3.5 Billion dollars processed through sales funnels to date. What this tells Entrepreneurs and businesses is, it doesn’t matter if you sell physical products or dropship or sell a course or coach clients. The platform can accommodate any industry and any niche. Checkout some real ClickFunnels reviews here.

ClickFunnels allows you to quickly create sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and paying customers.

ClickFunnels is so simple to use that anyone on your team can work with it. Once you sign up, you get access to funnel templates, which you can customize to your specific needs.

ClickFunnels pricing should be seen as an investment which can provide a significant return. What some people forget is that ClickFunnels is just a tool. If you’re going to get the most of it you need to know how to use it effectively.

And there’s no better way than a free trial. I recommend watching this ClickFunnels tutorial to help you with the trial.

Want Clickfunnels Free Forever?

If you are interested in getting a Clickfunnels account for free FOREVER, there is a way to make it pay for itself.

Join the ClickFunnels affiliate program and promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate. Then you won’t need to worry about ClickFunnels pricing because the monthly subscription cost will be covered by commissions earned, paying for itself.

All you need to do is sign up three people and you will earn your money back and get Clickfunnels for free each month. Keep promoting it and it will be free forever.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is a lucrative one and worth checking out.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or are interested specifically in affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels, checkout this article on how to become a super affiliate.

I hope you this ClickFunnels Price Guide was helpful, Please note that links inside this ClickFunnels price review may contain affiliate links to ClickFunnels. Money UberFunnels makes through links pays for hosting, content research, writing etc. and keeps this site running. UberFunnels is an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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ClickFunnels Pricing Guide 2020? Pricing for Every Click Funnel Product

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