ClickFunnels FAQs

ClickFunnels FAQs

If you have questions about ClickFunnels or are looking for instructions on how to maximise ClickFunnels, one of the best resources is the ClickFunnels Help Center.

The ClickFunnels help center is extremely helpful. They have answers (along with short videos to accompany them) for almost any question you can think of.

Of course second to ClickFunnels help are UberFunnnels’ guides and how-to articles along with this list of ClickFunnels FAQ.

Below we’ve put together some common ClickFunnels FAQ to get you started.

#1 How Can I build A Sales Funnel?

To build a sales funnel, simply get a free trial with ClickFunnels. Then choose the type of funnel you want from their funnel builder and hit import. Once imported you can begin to customize the funnel the way you like it.

#2 What Is ClickFunnels?

What is ClickFunnels? Clickfunnels is a software that helps entrepreneurs build online sales funnels, also called marketing funnels. So they can market, sell, and deliver their products and services online. Anyone can easily build a funnel using ClickFunnels with little to no experience.

#3 Is ClickFunnels A Website Builder?

Click Funnels is a website builder but not in the traditional sense. It somewhere in between a landing page and website builder. Read our mega Clickfunnels review here.

#4 Funnels And Websites, Do I need Both?

If you have a website but don’t have a funnel. Then you need a funnel. If you have a funnel then depending on what you sell or service provide you may not need any website.

#5 Do Marketing Funnels Work?

Marketing funnels have been proven over and over to work. Outside of the web, marketing funnels are used in business a lot. In fact if you have ever been to McDonalds, and been asked “Would you like fries with that” you’re in a funnel. Funnels are used to attract prospects, lead them towards a purchase decision, and work to convert or upsell them.

#6 Can I make Money With ClickFunnels?

Absolutely. Funnels and more specifically ClickFunnels has several ways that you can leverage to make money. One example is to promote it to others and earn a commission. This is ideal if you don’t have a product or service of your own to offer.

#7 What Does ClickFunnels Cost?

Clickfunnels has a two main subscription plans that they advertise and a third secret hidden plan. They also run several offers promoted by Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels. See this funnel pricing guide for more info on ClickFunels cost.

#8 Is ClickFunnels A Scam Or Legitimate?

Clickfunnels is a legitimate software tool that any business can use. It has changed the lives of many Entrepreneurs. There are many very successful businesses using Clickfunnels to create all of their sales funnels.

#9 Do I need A Domain With ClickFunnels?

You don’t need a domain for click funnels. But you can add custom domains later if needed. When you signup for an account a sub-domain is given to you which can be changed to anything else as long as it’s available.

#10 Does ClickFunnels Integrate With WordPress?

There is an official plugin available from the WordPress repository. Once installed, it’s very easy to link your funnel pages to display on your WordPress site.

#11 Does ClickFunnels Integrate with Shopify?

Yes, to do this you can integrate Shopify With your Click Funnels Account. Login to your Shopify account in another tab before returning to ClickFunnels. From within ClickFunnels, navigate to your Account Menu and click “Integrations.” Type your Shopify Store URL into the field and click “Connect Integration”

#12 What is Backpack?

Backpack allows you to create your own affiliate program. You can set unique commission plans in each sales funnel you create, have a tiered affiliate scheme, review earned commissions and pay affiliates with Backpack’s powerful features.

#13 What is Actionetics?

Actionetics is ClickFunnnels’ email marketing software. It’s only available on the Etison suite plan and is fully integrated with their funnel builder. You can try out the platform during the 14-day trial period.

#14 What funnel do you recommend for my business?

If you would like to learn more about what funnel you should use for your business, you can go to to see recommended funnels.

#15 How To Contact ClickFunnels Support

Support is generally available Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST). From within your Clickfunnels account, Select Get Help from the Help menu. Or click on the Get Help icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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ClickFunnels FAQs

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