Oops! Clickfunnels Failed to Connect to GetResponse

Oops! Clickfunnels Failed To Connect To GetResponse

Has your Clickfunnels failed to connect to GetResponse lately?

If you’re on the ClickFunnels starter plan you might know what I’m talking about. The starter plan means you’re using third party software for email marketing. And If you’re like me, you’re using GetResponse.

The ClickFunnels / GetResponse integration issue popped up in late 2019 and it’s a major pain in the ass for users of both software.

Trust me, I know!

So, if you need it fixed, keep reading.

Why ClickFunnels Failed to connect to GetResponse?

Not being able to connect leads from your funnels and add them to your email marketing campaigns is a huge problem. Simply put, it will prevent you from launching your funnel.

Clickfunnels Failed To Connect To GetResponse

If ClickFunnels failed to connect to GetRepsonse, your funnel won’t be able to collect those all important leads. If that is the case, your funnel is broken?

It’s that simple.

The reason ClickFunnels can’t correctly integrate with your email marketing provider is due to an issue with ClickFunnels, not GetResponse.

More to the point, the problem lies with the ClickFunnels API.

If you’re not sure what an API does, it stands for application programming interface. In simple terms, an API is a middleman, allowing different programs to talk to each other.

Like most SaaS providers, ClickFunnels has an API and so too does GetResponse. As with all software, API’s are updated and therein lies the problem.

When one API is kept up to date and another is not, connection problems occur.

GetResponse Updated Their API

GetResponse updated their API v1.5 to API 3.0 mid 2019.

I’m not sure of the exact date but I do know users noticed problems in July. You can see their Api documentation here.

Many of their integration providers simply didn’t update their API’s and ClickFunnels was one of them.

Solutions To The API problem


One option available is to downgrade your API. This can be done by contacting GetResponse’s customer support. Explain the problem and ask them to downgrade your API to v1.5.

Just beware that this is a temporary fix. Once GR cut off v1.5 completely this won’t be an option.

HTML Forms

This method will allow you to embed an HTML form to send contacts over from your funnels to your email autoresponder automatically.

When adding an integration to your email form inside a funnel, you will notice an option to use HTML forms rather than connecting by API.

Choosing this method will give you the option to add the code for your html form directly into your landing page. From within your page editor, navigate to “Settings.”

  1. Click “Integrations.”
  2. For Integration, select “null (HTML form).”
  3. For Action, select “Integrate Existing Form.
  4. Paste the HTML form you got from your autoresponder.
  5. Click “Parse & Save Web Form.”
  6. Match up your ClickFunnels form fields with your autoresponder fields.
  7. Scroll down beyond the code field and manually set your Redirect URL. By default, this will be set to the next page in your funnel).

Two things worth mentioning:

  1. The code can only include raw HTML code. Javascript isn’t allowed.
  2. Html forms won’t work on order pages.

I use HTML forms in some of my lead funnels and it works well.

To get your HTML code, create an email form inside GetResponse using one of their templates.

Use Another Email Provider

Using another email provider may or may not be an option for you.

If you noticed it above, I also use Aweber. This means I have some options. If I need to, I can switch email integrations quickly when problems like this arise.

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Oops! Clickfunnels Failed to Connect to GetResponse

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