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Do You Want The Ultimate ClickFunnels Bonus For Free In 2020?

Looking for the Ultimate ClickFunnels Bonus?
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If you want to succeed with your online business, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Which is is why, unlocking this Uber-bonus will help you build and launch profitable sales funnels.

Here’s what you’re going to get when you sign up at the end of this post. You cannot get this bonus anywhere else. 

ClickFunnels Bonus: 18 Premium Templates

funnel templates

Bonus Funnel #1:

Fitness Membership Funnel ($297 Value)

A complete membership funnel with long form sales page + copy, offer wall, and members area.  

clickfunnels fitness template
Perfect Webinar Sales Funnel Template

Bonus Funnel #2:

High Ticket Webinar Funnel ($147 Value)

For those looking to launch a webinar, this funnel is based on the ClickFunnels perfect webinar. Only this funnel, is beautifully designed. 

Bonus Funnel #3:

Free + Shipping Beauty Product Funnel ($147 Value)

Need a complete eCommerce free plus shipping funnel? This has you covered.  

free plus shipping beauty clickfunnels sales funnel template
clickfunnels bonus

Bonus Funnel #4:

Free + Shipping 2 Comma Funnel ($147 Value)

When I signed up for ClickFunnels under an affiliate, I received one bonus, this funnel. Only, the funnel was practically blank. No images etc. Just a white funnels with the elements. So I redesigned it. 

Bonus Funnel #5:

Universal Opt-in Funnel

A professional 2-step funnel that you can use for lead gen. 

Universal Lead Magnet Sales Funnel Template

Bonus Funnel #6:

ClickFunnels Funnel ($97 Value)

If you want to promote ClickFunnels on the backend, showcase the product with this funnel.

Bonus Funnel #7:

Agency Funnel
($197 Value)

A professional funnel for your agency that you can use for lead gen. 

agency funnel bonus

Bonus Funnels #8-17:

10 Bridge Page Funnels

A collection of 2-step bridge page funnels that you can run solo ads to and promote CB offers. 

Bonus #18:

Pre-Written Follow Up Email Series ($197 Value)

Pre-written email swipe files for new ClickFunnels signups.

Shorten The learning Curve To Success

Bonus #19: Training

ClickFunnels Training
($197 Value)

40 Videos teaching you what you need to need to know to become a pro at ClickFunnels.  

  • Learn how to get started with Funnels and how to the get the best result with them.
  • Understand the different types of sales funnels you can use to grow your business.
  • How to pick the right pre-made sales funnel template for your product.
  • How to build your very first sales funnel.
  • How to add your product, and start selling it online directly within a few minutes.
  • Quickly and easily set up a split test of your sales page to get even more sales.
  • How to properly place a video in your sales page.
  • How to track your stats, and analyze them to get even better results.

How To Claim Your ClickFunnels Bonuses

  • Using Incognito mode in Chrome or Firefox, click any button on this page and sign up for the 14-day Free Trial.
  • Once you appear as my ClickFunnels referral, you will be sent your bonuses with 24 hours.


What You Can Do:

  • Use as your own bonus for new signups.
  • Launch any or all of the funnels. 
  • Can edit, rename and rebrand the funnels.
  • Send new signups for the video training. 

What You Cannot Do:

  •  Can NOT sell the content/material.
  •  Can NOT sell any rights.


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