Better Quality Email Marketing With This 1 Hack

Better Quality Email Marketing With This 1 Hack

This strategy that I’m about to teach you, a lot of times is not talked about.  Most people don’t even realize that this is happening and it involves the whole single opt-in versus double opt -in debate.

The strategy is called email list hygiene and it will help boost delivery and open rates. 

Before I get into it, let me ask you a question. 

Is your signup form on your landing page, single opt-in?  As in, somebody submits their email address and they are instantly on your list. They do not need to confirm their email address first.

After all, it’s faster and less hassle. Double opt-in is too much work, right?

Wrong and here’s a big fat, why!

If you use single opt-in, you have what I refer to as a “filthy” list. And it needs a good cleaning. On the other hand, If you use double opt-in, your list is a little “dirty” and needs a quick clean. 

Here’s the why, I mentioned.

Email service providers (ESP’s) like gmail, yahoo and outlook monitor whether people on your list or active or not. 

If you are using single opt-in then you have no way of verifying you received a legitimate email. This will lead to a higher number of dead or even worse, fake email addresses on your list. 

It also means when you send and email, less open rates, less link clicks and more bounce rates.  

For example, let’s say out of a list of a thousand people,one hundred are fake emails. You hit send on a thousand emails at once and 10% bounce. 

Your ESP could interpret this as spamming. That’s bad for your email marketing reputation. 

As a result of this, the next time you hit send, the other nine hundred emails might go straight to the spam folder and never be seen.

How To Do List Hygiene 

To fix this problem, I recommend two things. 

  1. Use double opt-in 
  2. Do some cleaning

Embrace double opt-in because people who take the time to confirm their email are:

a. using the address and b. more Interested in hearing from you. This is a good thing. 

There are generally two different ways to do list hygiene. The first is to do a search of your list for subscribers that have either never opened one of your emails. 

If you are using Aweber for email marketing automation login to your account. From your dashboard, choose your specific list from the drop down at the top of the page. Then click on subscribers.

Using the search feature, in the left hand field choose “message not opened”. Then click the empty box next to it. When the popup box opens, pick from Broadcast, Campaigns or Follow up series. Whichever applies. 

A list of subscribers that have not opened emails will load. All you need to do is delete them. 

A few key points to remember are as follows. 

Your email autoresponder must be able to track opens and link clicks in the first place.

Something to note is, you will need to be consistent with list hygiene and repeat it every so often. 

How often will depend on how fast your list grows.  

The second method is to manually blacklist problem email addresses. 

Not every email autoresponder will have this feature but I know GetResponse does. Inside the GetResponse dashboard is list hygiene section. In their list hygiene section, you can manually add email addresses and put them on a blacklist them. 

While on your blacklist, they won’t receive your emails. Something to remember is, this works perfectly for certain niches. For example, non-technical niches. However, if you’re in something like digital marketing or anything to do with software and computers this won’t be as effective. 

This is because tech people are more savvy and if they really want to, will get back on your list.   

That’s how you clean your email list and do quality email marketing. 

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Better Quality Email Marketing With This 1 Hack

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