7 Best ClickFunnels Apps For Next Level Sales Funnels

7 Best ClickFunnels Apps For Next Level Funnels

ClickFunnels is a sales and marketing software that helps Entrepreneurs grow their business with marketing funnels. 

Marketed to non-techies that want to get up and running quickly. It is a digital marketing suite that allows you to easily create lead generation sites, opt-in pages, high-converting landing pages, ecommerce funnels and membership sites. Do follow up email marketing automation and much more!

Even as powerful as ClickFunnels is out of the box, it has limits. 

But thanks to enterprising folk out there, users can power up their funnels with third party ClickFunnels apps to make them even better!

In this article, I share various different apps for ClickFunnels you can use to level up your sales funnels.

The list is in no particular order.

#1 Funnel Scripts

If you have ever tried to sit down and write sales copy for your landing pages, you know it is not easy. 

The difference between DIY copy and sales copy that resonates so much with first time readers that they open their wallets is staggering. 

For this reason, top copywriters can charge well into five figures for a single sales letter.

What people don’t realise is that there is a science behind great copy.  

Funnel scripts puts that science to great use in a software tool. It allows anyone to get all of their sales letters, email scripts, webinar slides and ad copy written for them without hiring an expensive copywriter. 

Brought to you by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, it is a must have Clickfunnels app.

#2: CF Pro Tools

CF Pro Tools is a collection of free and premium scripts that allows you to add extra functionality to marketing funnels.  

Things like: 

  • Add a promo/coupon code field to your order form so you can offer a discount.
  • Add an “Add To Calendar” button to pages that do not normally have the option
  • Multiple order bumps on your order form. 
  • Turn the normal single option radio buttons on your order form into checkboxes so your customers can add more than one product at a time to their order.

Currently CF Pro Tools has 20 scripts with the free version. While their premium version has  another 21 with more being added every month. 

CF Pro Tools is run by developer Jaime Smith.

#3: Deadline Funnel

Something which has always annoyed me about countdown timers, is that most are not authentic.. 

Used a psychological tactic by marketers to create a false urgency, they are overused in my opinion. Because of this most intelligent people see through them. 

ClickFunnels and other software like WooCommerce and Shopify have countdown timers. But those timers don’t prevent people from accessing your special offers after the timer has expired. After they leave the page they can easily return to it later. 

But what if you could create an authentic offer deadline. Now that would be something. 

dotcom secrets

Deadline Funnel allows you to do exactly this. Create authentic evergreen offers and convert more of your leads into customers by using personalized deadlines.

Personalised timers which increase conversions and help generate more sales.

Deadline Funnel can track a person’s activity as they go through the sales funnel and limit what offers they can see based on the time spent considering the offer.

#4: Provely

Provely is the easiest way to increase sales and signup conversions. By adding just 1 line of code, business owners can show instant real-time social proof to any site, including ClickFunnels.

The result is an increase in conversions by up to and over 250%.

The best part is it will auto-detect new signups to display on your page.  

Provely comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for the non-believers.

#5 Drip

If you’re selling products online, drip is a must have tool.  Marketed as an ECRM. As in eCommerce CRM. It goes beyond traditional CRM by giving store owners the tools to make the most of customer data and set up personalized experiences at scale. 

  • Deep segmentation
  • Behavior-based automations
  • Personalized content

Drip helps you collect, organize, and use every ounce of customer info so you can start using it to build your best strategies yet. But it is the way it does it that makes it special. 

For those reasons, it’s a top ClickFunnels app.

#6: MembersPRO

One of the things I love about ClickFunnels is the ability to create membership sites out of the box. However as with all software, they never think of everything from the start. This is where an app like Members PRO come in.

Combining your ClickFunnels membership area with Members Pro means you can have the missing features you need right now. With MembersPRO you can create the ultimate membership site experience.

It is a fully-integrated and customizable membership site platform that gives your members an engaging experience.

It includes features like one-click migration from ClickFunnels, Thinkific & Teachable, a customizable interface and the ability to send students emails after they complete certain sections of content.

This is why it’s on our must have ClickFunnels app list.

MembersPRO was built by Chris Benetti, one of the top ClickFunnels designers in the world.

#7 MarketPlan

Marketplan is a funnel planning and mapping tool. It has a bunch of features that help plan, launch and optimize sales funnels.

Each feature of MarketPlan is built to help you more efficiently execute your marketing campaigns. Features include real-time metrics, project management, mini-marketing apps, team collaboration and more.

Think of it as a hub to plan all your funnel campaigns. MarketPlan has a free plan so is well worth a look.

Last But Not Least UberFunnels

Yes I know, this recommendation is biased and technically not a clickfunnels app, but with help, reviews, tutorials, templates and training, UberFunnels is a growing resource for your Click Funnels that you don’t want to miss.

Have you used any of these ClickFunnels apps before, or do you have other apps you use and love? Share with me in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this ClickFunnels Apps Article. Please note that links inside this article may contain affiliate links. Money we make through links pays for hosting, content research, writing etc. and keeps this site running. UberFunnels is an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

7 Best ClickFunnels Apps For Next Level Sales Funnels

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