Aweber ClickFunnels Integration Mailing List Not Active

Aweber ClickFunnels Integration Mailing List Not Active

If you have just come across the Aweber ClickFunnels integration “mailing list not active” notice, don’t worry. I’m going to show you how I was able to fix the “Mailing List Not Active” error that suddenly showed up when I tried to test a new funnel in Clickfunnels.

In a nutshell it goes like this:

  1. Create a list
  2. Create a form
  3. Add Aweber integration
  4. Connect the funnel to your list. 

You may have some of the above already done so read on for full instructions.

I have been using Aweber for some time now. This is the first issue I have experienced with their email autoresponder. I was surprised to learn that the opt-in form in this landing page wasn’t working properly. 

When I tested the funnel which included a landing page, opt-in page and offer, I received the following error message after clicking the send button on the form.

aweber clickfunnels integration mailing list not active

If you don’t already know, I use Clickfunnels to create all types of funnels, funnel templates and landing pages to generate leads, and sell digital and info products online. 

It has an easy to use drag and drop webpage editor which lets you build entire funnels very quickly.

Clickfunnels integrates with most of the email autoresponders. As I mentioned, Aweber is one such autoresponders. I tried to integrate recently with my opt-in page.

Now, I already had Aweber integration set up correctly in other funnels. So I knew it worked because those lists have subscribers. But I decided to test the funnel anyway to make sure everything worked. 

I built the funnel and added the integration as usual in the settings tab of the opt-in page. Everything looked good.

I went live with the funnel and luckily I decided to do a test of the integration. When I signed up with one of my emails, Aweber asked me to complete a captcha first. After that it brought me to the next page which is when the “Mailing list not active” notification popped up.

I tried this a few times thinking it was incorrect. Next, I double checked my list settings in Aweber but nothing jumped out at me. 

Then, I turned to Aweber and found a pretty easy fix.

Here’s What I did to fix the Aweber ClickFunnels Integration “Mailing List Not Active” Notification

If you have a list already set up and the Aweber integration added in ClickFunnels, skip ahead to step 2 below.

Step 1

In Aweber I selected the list I wanted to integrate with ClickFunnels. This can be down with the dropdown in the blue header bar.

If you have only one list, it will already be selected.

step 1 to fix aweber clickfunnels integration mailing list not active

Step 2

It turns out that a sign up form must be created prior to integration with Clickfunnels so that it works properly.  The ClickFunnels integration won’t work without it.

To create a sign up form, I clicked on the Sign up Forms tab in the dark grey menu.

step 2 to fix aweber clickfunnels integration mailing list not active

Step 3

On the next page, I clicked the green button to start the form builder.

step 3 to fix aweber clickfunnels integration mailing list not active

Step 4

The form builder has several options to design and build sign up forms. There’s no need to worry about this. The default Aweber form is fine because I’m not actually using it. I’m using the form built in ClickFunnels.

Next and in this order, I saved the default Aweber form uisng the green button at the bottom of the page. Once the form was saved (it takes a few seconds) I clicked the blue button to move the next step, form settings.

step 4 to fix aweber clickfunnels integration mailing list not active

Step 5

On the settings page, I gave the form a descriptive name. I left the “Thank You Page” and “Already Subscribed Page” settings as they were.

Then I saved the form again.

Aweber signup forms has a final step to publish the form but as I mentioned, I’m not using it so there was no need to worry about this step.

Final Step

I headed back to my ClickFunnels opt-in page and opened the integrations settings.

I removed the integration. Then I began adding it again. Before I picked the list from the drop-down menu I refreshed the list using the API.

If you have created a new form and don’t do this, you won’t see the new list in the options.

I had the list already created but I did it anyway for good measure.

final step to fix aweber clickfunnels integration mailing list not active

I saved the the ClickFunnels page and gave it a minute to update. When I tested the form again, everything worked perfectly.

Let me know if this worked for you.

P.S. I posted some tutorials here that might be of further help.

Aweber ClickFunnels Integration Mailing List Not Active

by Wes James time to read: 4 min